Sri Ganesh Chalisa In English PDF With Best Lyrics 2023 Download Free

Sri Ganesh Chalisa In English

Sri Ganesh Chalisa In English PDF With Best Lyrics 2023 Download Free

Sri Ganesh Chalisa English Meaning

Glory, glory, all glory to you, O Ganesha; to you, the whole world pays homage, for you are the delight of Gauri and the charming son of Shiva. You are the extirpator of all pairs of contraries (such as joy and sorrow, birth and death, attraction and repulsion, etc.) and deliver from them.

Glory to you, O son of Shambhu and delight of Gauri, you are the destroyer of all obstacles and deliverer of all from the cycle of birth and death. Glory to you, O leader of Shiva’s henchmen, bestower of happiness on all your votaries, teacher of all, and operator of the intellect!

O Ganesha (Vakratunda), resplendent is the only tusk which you have on your elephant face and well-adorned is your sacred trunk; the crescent-shaped triple mark on your forehead is as beautiful as the moon, and the celestials, men and ascetics who behold your loveliness cannot of its spell.

On your bosom is a garland of jewels, in your eyes the beauty of the full-blown lotus and on your head a crown of gems. You deliver your devotees from anxiety and wield a sacred axe and a beautiful trident in your hands. Sweet laddus among delicacies and fragrant blossoms among flowers are your favourites.

Blessed are you, O Kaartikeya’s brother and beloved son of Shiva and Gauri; elegantly attired in a beautiful yellow silken dress and wearing a pair of wooden sandals all studded with gems on your feet, you are the source of all the blessings of the world.

Both prosperity and accomplishment wave royal whisks (chowries) over you (as if they were chowrie borders) and your vehicle, the mouse, adds to your splendour at your door. As the story of your life is so strange and mysterious, who can venture to describe your magnificence, which passes all telling?

A demon, disguised as Shiva, often came there to delude Gauri to foil his design, Gauri, the beloved consort of Shiva created a divine form from the scurf of her body.

Asking her son to keep watch, she stationed him at the palace door like a doorkeeper. When Shiva himself came there, he, being unrecognized was denied entrance into the house.

Shiva asked: Tell me, who is your father? In a voice sweet as honey, you replied, Hearken, sir, I am Gauri’s son; don’t you dare advance even a step beyond this point.

” O lord! Let me take my mother’s permission before I allow you to go inside; wrangling with a mere stripling like me will be of no avail.” Not listening to your behest, Shivaat tempted to rush towards the house, which so vexed you that you, waxing furious, threw the gauntlet down.

In a fit of rage, Shiva picked up his trident and driven by delusion hurled it on you. Your head, tender like the Shirisa flower was severed and instantly it soared into the sky and disappeared there.

When Shiva went happily inside where Gauri, daughter of the Mountain King was sitting, he smilingly asked, Tell me, Sati how did you give birth to your son?

On hearing the whole episode, the mystery cleared. Gauri, though the daughter of the great mountain King(celebrated for immobility) was so moved and distraught that she fell to the ground and said, ” You have done me great disfavour, my Lord; Now go and fetch the severed head of my son from wherever you find it!”

Shiva, the expert in all skills, took his departure accompanied by Vishnu, but having failed to find the head, they brought one of an elephant placed it upon the trunk and breathed life into it.

It was Lord Shiva who named you Shri Ganesha and blessed you with knowledge, wisdom and immortality. You are O Lord, the first among those who are worshipped; you bring joy to the faithful, destroy all obstructions and cause the operation of the intellect.

           Whosoever remembers you before embarking on any mission finds all his tasks accomplished in the world. The very remembrance of your name brings all happiness without your all-pardoning grace there is no security and well-being anywhere in the world.

Cursed by you, the moon’s face was tarnished with the black reflection of the earth as it appears on the fourth day in the bright half of Bhaadrapada (Bhaado), which none would dare to look at. When Shiva wanted to test you (your might and intelligence) he asked you to circumnavigate the earth.

While Sadmukha (your brother Kaartikeya) went flying on his peacock, you adopted an easier course) without budging, you scribbled the name of Raama on the ground and abandoning all misgivings, circumnavigated it.

( With utmost devotion) you clasped the feet of your parents and circumnavigated them seven times. Thus were you rewarded with the fruit of having circumnavigated the earth, a feat that made the gods rain down flowers on you.

While dwelling in the hermitage of the sage Durvasa, Sundardaasa, a devotee of Raama, composed this hymn to Ganesha in forty verses just as the foremost among the adepts in the Shiva Purana had done.

The wise who hymn the glory of Ganesha every day are blessed with supreme bliss. The lord of Shiva’s henchmen who blesses his votaries with wealth, progeny and happiness also bestows upon them every auspicious object.

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